XRP Cryptocurrency News: Possible Ripple Upside In The Long Term


Ripple XRP cryptocurrency news has been making headlines recently as xrp prices have soared. The xrp price now stands at $0.98, roughly a 20% increase over the past week, and is up more than 1,600% since December of last year.

What should I know about this?

xrp has also recently made xrp news as xRapid is now commercially available. Current customers are beginning to use the RippleNet product.

XRP, currently ranked #third by total market cap, is up 33% over the past week and looks like it could be gearing up for more gains, according to xrp charts.

– xrphse: xrp’s HP (High/Lows) shows a gradual decrease in the spread between high and low prices from February until May of this year. This indicates that at some point, there will likely be price increases towards $0.98 or higher, which would imply another bull run on top of previous runs that have taken place since December.

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