Live Auction Fundraising: Three Ways On How To Raise Money


Live auction fundraising is a live event that combines live bidding with live entertainment.

The live fundraiser can raise money for college tuition, community projects, and many other worthwhile causes.

In this article, we will cover three ways you can use a live auction fundraiser to increase the amount of money raised by your organization.

1) Provide an incentive for those who attend the event

Attendees will enjoy the auctions land the live music in addition to bidding on silent items before they leave!

Provide snacks for attendees while they are at your live fundraiser event. This way, people have an incentive to stay longer. Make sure you advertise that drinks and food will be available, so more people attend this live fundraising event. You can also offer door prizes or giveaways such as free raffle entries to get even more individuals interested in hearing your live charity auction fundraiser.

2) Have items donated from local businesses or organizations

Another way you can raise more money is to have the fundraiser items donated by local businesses and organizations. You can also advertise that you will be doing this as some companies may already want their name out there or may not know what else to do with those things! This is a great way for your live fundraiser event to gain some momentum early on.

3) Include raffles as part of the live event

Finally, raffles are another way to bring in more live event attendees. You can do the same thing as you would with fundraiser items and ask local businesses if they would like to donate something for a live raffle at your charity fundraiser.