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The Danger of Sclera Contacts: What You Need to Know


Sclera contacts white, also known as full eye contacts or blackout contacts, have become popular in recent years for their striking appearance. However, these contacts can cause serious harm to your eyes if not used properly.

Unlike traditional contact lenses, sclera contacts cover the entire eye, including the white part sclera. This means that they not only affect your vision, but also the health of your eyes. Improper use of sclera contacts white can lead to corneal ulcers, infections, and even blindness.

It’s important to note that sclera contacts are medical devices and should only be prescribed and fitted by a licensed eye doctor. You should never purchase them from unlicensed vendors or use them without a proper prescription.

Even with a prescription, there are still risks associated with wearing sclera contacts. You must take proper care of them, including cleaning and disinfecting them regularly. This is because they can trap bacteria and other harmful substances between the contact lens and your eye, which can lead to serious infections.

In addition, sclera contacts can also limit the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes, which can cause the cornea to become inflamed and swollen. This can also lead to serious eye damage.

While sclera contacts white may look cool and unique, they are not worth the risk to your eyesight. If you want to change the appearance of your eyes, there are safer and healthier options available. Always consult with a licensed eye doctor before using any kind of contact lens.