Parking System

How to Navigate Boston’s Parking System


Boston is a notorious city for its confusing Parking System. Many people find it daunting to park in this bustling city, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips to make your parking experience in Boston a little more stress-free.

Firstly, do some research before you go. Boston has various parking rules in different neighborhoods, and it’s essential to know them before you head downtown. You can easily find the parking rules for a particular area through the City of Boston’s website.

Secondly, use the ParkBoston app. The ParkBoston app is very helpful in giving you real-time information on available parking spaces in the city. It also enables you to pay for parking using your smartphone, avoiding the hassle of carrying coins.

Another tip is to park in a garage. Boston has several parking garages scattered throughout the city. Although they’re more costly than street parking, it’s less stressful and more secure.

Lastly, never assume anything when it comes to parking in Boston. Don’t assume that parking meters or signs may be right. Always double-check to avoid coming back to a parking ticket.

Navigating Parking System Boston doesn’t have to be difficult if you do your research, use technology, park in garages, and avoid assumptions. By following these tips, you can park safely and soundly in Boston.