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WSET Wine Tasting Certificate


The WSET (Western Society of Wine Educators) wine tasting certificate provides students with a hands-on introduction to wine culture. In addition to wine basics, the course includes in-depth coverage of the major regions and styles of wine.

The WSET offers several different types of wine education, including a one-day beginners course and an advanced Level 4 Diploma. Each level requires the successful completion of multiple-choice and written exams. A passing grade is 60 points. A certification will help you distinguish yourself from your competition and open doors to new career opportunities in the wine industry. For more information, check out the WSET website. It provides comprehensive information about the world’s different wine regions, grape varieties, spirits, beer, and sake.

Educator and Specialist. Educator is the higher-level certification and requires more theoretical study. The WSET focuses more on fast recall and practical application of wine knowledge. A WSET diploma covers a wide variety of wine styles and varieties.