Why You Should Give Your Baby Real Foods


Did you know that toddler baby food is different than regular baby food? The toddler stage has specific nutritional needs. When kids are toddlers, they need more protein and fat in their diet. They also have a greater need for iron, zinc, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium during this age range. Knowing the difference between baby foods and other types of toddler foods can help parents make better decisions about what to feed their children each day!

1) At what age does this start/stop being effective?

Age 0+ can have a toddler diet that includes meats, grains & vegetables. Age 12 months + need more iron due to rapid growth rate.

2) Does it work well with other treatments/therapies?

Yes! It works well alongside any pediatric therapy for children who routinely experience health issues related to digestive concerns or malnutrition.

3) It Can be used as a complementary treatment option alongside medical intervention/APIs. Is there data supporting it?

Yes! There is data supporting it.
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