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Why People like the Butt Plug


In case you don’t know, the anus has got plenty of nerve endings—close to the G-spots of both sexes. Stimulating the anus for sexual pleasure happens every time and changes the sex game.

A butt plug is popular among prostate patients because they stimulate the gland, resulting in a prostate orgasm. Even if one does not occur, the majority of people say it feels nice.

A butt plug is very popular with vaginal users. Wearing one during penetrative vaginal sex might imitate double penetration, where the anus and vagina are both invaded simultaneously.

These adult sex toys are used by people who prefer anal intercourse to warm up the anus before sex. When they are alone, they may also masturbate with a butt plug to improve the experience.

However, butt plugs can also be used in games of domination and submission.