Who Is the Founder of Geopolitical Futures?


George Friedman is an acclaimed author and founder of Geopolitical Futures. This company provides strategic analysis and forecasting through a geopolitical lens. George Friedman has been called one of the most influential minds in geopolitics today.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1949, George Friedman immigrated to America with his family in the 1950s. He obtained a Ph.D. in government from Cornell University and went on to teach political science for almost 20 years. During this time, he wrote several books, including “The Future of War” and “The Intelligence Edge”.

In 2004, George Friedman founded Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence company. Stratfor’s clients included corporations, governments, and military organizations. In 2015, he left Stratfor to start Geopolitical Futures.

George Friedman’s focus is on geopolitics, which is the study of how geography impacts politics, economics, and culture. He believes that “the study of geopolitics is the study of the conflict between states.” His analysis is based on the idea that nations act in their self-interest and seek to expand their power.

George Friedman is a prominent figure in the world of geopolitics. He has written several influential books and founded two successful companies in the field. His expertise provides valuable insights into global events and future trends.