What Is NIL In College Football?


NIL is a weird and often confusing concept in college football. This article will explore NIL, its meaning, and why it is an integral part of the sport.

What does NIL mean?

Nil means name, image, and likeness. These three things are the most basic things to football players. When a player signs their nil clause, they agree that the school can use their name, image, and likeness for money-making purposes throughout their college career.

Are there any exceptions?

However, there is also an exception in which schools must pay nil athletes if they want to broadcast football games on TV or play them at home. The specific terms of this agreement vary by conference, but NCAA President Mark Emmert laid out these broadcasting rules through his power as commissioner of the Big Ten Conference back in 2014 (Chhabra).

Why is it so important?

It is so important because athletes are now being recognized for their ability to generate money, rather than just their physical talent on the field. This is where nil comes into play because it means that schools should pay players if they want to continue showing games across the country.

To conclude, NIL is a term that means that schools have to pay their athletes in order for them to keep showing the games on nil college football.