What Is IMX6 Architecture Designed To Handle


The IMX6 architecture was designed to handle the demands of a cloud computing era. With IMX6, you can rest assured that your data center will be able to keep up with the latest and most remarkable technologies to deliver a powerful experience for your customers.

What should I know about this?

IMX is the i.MX family of application processors for embedded multimedia applications with a highly integrated connectivity solution to support high-speed networks. IMX provides ultra-low power, long battery life, and performance and secure data storage on a purpose-built security processor (iWMMX). IMX also includes full HD resolution hardware video decoder processing capabilities, allowing low-cost systems to deliver vivid visual quality with an “all-in-one” system design approach. IMX processors are available with the open-source Linux operating system.

IMX is an ARM Cortex A-series processor core, which offers high levels of integration and power efficiency for embedded multimedia applications, including mobile phones, tablets, audio players, cameras/camcorders, and smart TVs in addition to Industrial IoT devices. IMX has a 32-bit advanced microcontroller unit (MCU) architecture that can be configured into multiple configurations or combined within multi-core solutions based on peripheral set requirements. IMX supports up to two simultaneous displays through HDMI output interfaces supporting resolutions up to Full HD 1080p60 along with VIVD (Video In Video Out).
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