What Is CRM For Real Estate?


Have you ever wondered what Real Estate CRM is? Real estate CRM (customer relationship management) is a software system that can give you detailed insights into customer interactions and behaviors. It will allow you to track where your leads are coming from, which ones convert, and other data that can be used for targeted marketing campaigns.

What is not a CRM?

-The product or service you’re selling. This post is about using a software solution to help manage your business activities and customers, not the actual sale of real estate. Many companies that provide CRM solutions also offer additional services such as residential listings management, property valuations, etc. We’ll touch more on those in future posts!
-Just for large businesses. While larger firms may have an easier time implementing a system like this because they tend to have more resources (more employees), smaller brokers with fewer staff members can make this work too! It just takes some creativity and effort on everyone’s part to get organized and stay consistent with updating data.

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