Parking System

What Is An Automated Parking System?


An automated parking system (APS) is a mechanical system designed to minimize the time and effort required to park a vehicle. APIs are typically used in parking garages and other commercial parking facilities, where they can increase the efficiency of parking operations and improve safety by eliminating the need for drivers to maneuver their vehicles into tight spaces.

APS typically consists of three main components: an entry/exit station, a control system, and a parking space management system. The entry/exit station controls access to the parking facility and collects data on arriving and departing vehicles. The control system manages the flow of traffic within the parking facility and coordinates the movement of vehicles to available parking spaces. The parking space management system monitors the status of individual parking spaces and directs drivers to available spaces.

The most common type of APS is the mechanical conveyor system, which uses a series of interconnected conveyors to move vehicles from the entry/exit station to available parking spaces. Other types of APS include robotic systems, which use autonomous vehicles to transport vehicles to and from parking spaces, and lift-based systems, which utilize lifts or elevators to move vehicles between floors.