What is a Walking Floor Body and Why is it Important?


If you’ve ever seen a large truck-type trailer that looks like it has a bunch of wooden strips inside, you may have seen a walking floor body in action. This type of trailer is not like others where a forklift dumps its load. Instead, it has a unique feature that helps move the load out of the trailer.

The walking floor body is designed so that it can slide floor panels forward and backward in a wave-like motion. The movement of the panels is controlled by hydraulic power. This makes it possible to unload items without assistance from a forklift or other equipment.

This type of trailer is utilized in many industries, including garbage and recycling operations, transportation of bulk food materials, and the logging industry, to name a few. It is also helpful for businesses that need to load and unload in tight spaces and areas difficult to access.

The walking floor body can unload materials at a relatively fast pace- up to 30 tons in less than five minutes- which is impressive considering its size. It is also helpful because it does not require additional equipment or staff to operate.

A walking floor body trailer is a unique and useful piece of equipment that can assist in a variety of industries. With its ability to easily unload materials and operate without additional assistance, it is no surprise that it continues to be popular among businesses looking to streamline their operations.