What Happens After Death: The Truth Revealed


Death is a scary word for most people. It implies the end of what we know, and nobody wants to think about what happens after death. But it’s essential to understand what will happen once you’re gone—especially if you have kids or other family members who are going to be left behind. In this blog post, I will talk about what happens after death: what your body does, what the different stages are, where your soul goes from there.

What should I know about this?

Death is final – but that doesn’t mean our lives stop when our heart stops beating! Here’s how each person’s life will carry on after they die.

First, what happens when a person dies? The most obvious answer is that their heart stops beating and breathing—they stop living in the physical world. But what exactly does this mean for them? Here are some specifics:

– Brain function shuts down immediately upon death – After about 15 minutes of oxygen deprivation to the brain, neurons begin to degrade. Bodily functions cease to be apparent (such as blood pressure), but cells remain intact until decomposition begins. The human body takes eight hours from the start of the death process till it is completely cooled off. Then rigor mortis sets in, followed by signs of decay such as bloat or purging fluid via natural channels within the body.

– The physical processes of death are often what people think about after someone has died; however, the point at which a person is considered dead occurs differently depending on what religious or spiritual beliefs they hold. For example, Jewish and Islamic cultures believe that one becomes deceased only when the breath leaves the body. At the same time, Buddhists regard brain function (based upon neurological criteria) as an indicator of life. – Some Christian traditions argue for a three-fold separation: soul from spirit from body; these denominations argue that all three must be present to establish life.

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