What Are Some Common Birth Defects


There are a number of common birth defects that can occur during pregnancy. Many of these defects can be detected during prenatal care and can often be corrected with surgery or medication. Some birth defects, however, may be difficult or impossible to fix and can lead to serious health complications for the child. Here are some of the most common birth defects: cleft lip and palate, heart disease, congenital anomalies of the brain and spine, intellectual disabilities, and syndromes such as Down syndrome.

Congenital disabilities can significantly impact a child’s life and should not be taken lightly. Anyone pregnant should speak with their doctor about their risk factors for birth defects and make an appointment to see a genetics specialist if they are concerned about their baby’s health.

Families should talk to their doctors about any possible birth defects, as early treatment may improve the child’s chances for a successful life.