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Verbatim Court Reporting: What It Is And 3 Reasons You Need It


If you’re involved in a legal case, then verbatim court reporting is something you need to be aware of. This type of reporting is precisely what it sounds like — a transcript of everything said in court verbatim. It can be used for a variety of reasons, but there are three main reasons why you need verbatim court reporting:

To protect your rights.

One of the most important reasons to have a verbatim court transcript is to protect your rights. This type of transcript can be used as evidence if there are any disputes about what was said in court. It can also help you remember what happened during the hearing, which can be especially helpful if it’s been a while since the hearing took place.

To ensure accuracy

Another reason to have a verbatim transcript is to ensure accuracy. When something is said in court, it must be accurately documented — and that’s where verbatim reporting comes in. By having an accurate record of everything said, you can rest assured that the proceedings were conducted fairly and accurately.

To appeal a decision.

If you’re not happy with the outcome of your case, you may have the option to appeal the decision. And to do that, you’ll need a verbatim transcript of the proceedings. This transcript will be used as evidence in your appeal, so it must be accurate and complete.

So there you have it — three reasons why you might need a verbatim court reporter. If you’re involved in any kind of legal proceeding, make sure to ask for a verbatim transcript to ensure accuracy and fairness. Thanks for reading!