Understanding Remedial Massage Therapist Courses


How much remedial massage therapy experience do you need to enroll in remedial massage therapist courses? The answer is, it depends. If you are looking for remedial massage therapy schools that offer certification without prior experience, then the answer is none. However, if you want a higher level of remediation and want to become certified as a remedial practitioner or an advanced remedial practitioner with some previous experience, then there are options available.

Why is this important?

Remedial therapy courses are remediation-focused.
They are designed for remedial therapists who have some previous experience in remediation and wish to become an advanced remedial therapist or a specialist remedial practitioner without doing another full causal qualification. Suppose you want to enroll in a remedial course. In that case, they will require you to complete/submit your application form accompanied by all necessary documents and provide proof that you have at least one year’s practical experience as a remedial therapist before commencing on their program. Some schools may offer this service online via Skype video conversation. Students can submit their details online then speak live with an enrollment officer from the school about possible options available for them.
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