Turnkey PCB Assembly Services


‘Turnkey’ products or services refers to a service or product that is already ready for immediate usage by the consumer, and, in this case, this would mean that the manufacturer will deal with all the details of the PCB assembly process. In essence, the Turnkey PCB Assembly Services solution permits you to get more freedom in choosing PCB layouts while the manufacturer takes care of everything else. Some of the industry’s best companies have made the best of this situation and now offer quality PCB assembly services at affordable prices. They do not hesitate in letting their clients choose from different varieties of PCB designs, and in many cases, they even customize the finished PCBs according to their specifications.

Turnkey PCB manufacturers help save a lot of time, money, and effort on the part of customers. Instead of having to personally visit PCB manufacturers and request for a quote, they will make an appointment to meet with them and discuss the project details and the project plan. They can take care of all the logistics, including assembling the PCBs, packaging them, and shipping them to the customer. For these reasons, these services are considered to be very popular among customers.