Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Three Tips For Sending Postcards: A Beginner’s Guide


Sending a postcard is an easy way to send a little bit of yourself to your loved ones. It’s something that you can do without much prep, and it manages to send the right message in just one word: “I’m thinking about you.” In this article, we’ll give three tips for sending postcards so that yours are always perfect!

1) Choose a card – If you want your recipients to remember how much you care, send them beautiful cards with simple messages on them. The best thing about these types of cards is that they’re not expensive at all! You can get 100 for under $5!

2) Include a personal note – Don’t forget why people send postcards in the first place: to send a bit of themselves. Include something that you’re thinking or feeling, and your loved ones will appreciate the sentiment even more than they would without it!

3) Choose between drawing pictures with words on them and writing out feelings in complete sentences. Which do you think

When you send a postcard, it is more personal than an email or text message. It’s also a great way to send someone your thoughts and feelings without having to say them out loud.

Pick the perfect card for the occasion. Write down what you want to say on the back of the card before deciding where to send it. Always include a return address on the front of your card so that they can write back if they want!