Three Major Benefits Of Forced Degradation


Forced degradation is a term that refers to the process of degrading the performance of a product over time to increase its usefulness. Forced degradation can improve the life of a product, which is especially useful in cases where replacement parts are difficult or impossible to obtain, such as with military equipment. Forced degradation also allows products that would otherwise have lower quality components to be sold at more reasonable prices without sacrificing performance. There are other three benefits about this process:

1) Forced degradation can be seen as an alternative solution for planned obsolescence when manufacturers design products to only last for a specific amount of time before breaking down or becoming obsolete.
2) Forced degradation can help reduce environmental waste by prolonging the life span of products and giving them more useful.
3) Forced degradation also helps make goods affordable because it reduces demand and competition from newer models.

Forced degradation is an alternative process that enables manufacturers to create products that are more environmentally friendly while also being affordable at the same time.