The Use Of Spider Cherry Picker


In construction and engineering, a spider cherry picker is a type of mobile elevated work platform. Also known as an aerial lift or boom truck, it is used to reach higher elevations to perform various tasks while still providing stability and safety for the worker. The name ‘Spider’ comes from the fact that this type of platform resembles an arachnid’s body, with four or more independently supported legs.

Spider cherry pickers are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including: painting, cleaning windows, construction projects, maintenance on overhead wires and cables, and installation of signs or lighting fixtures. The height achieved by the platform can vary depending on the model and its features, but typically they range from 18 ft to 40 ft.

The mobility of the spider cherry picker is one of its main advantages. Thanks to its four or more legs, it can be adjusted to fit into various tight spaces that wouldn’t be accessible with a traditional crane or ladder.