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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your VCT Floor Clean and Shiny


Over time, VCT floor cleaning becomes necessary to maintain its beauty and durability. VCT floors require a unique cleaning method and product to preserve their appearance. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind for VCT floor cleaning.


Use a damp mop for daily cleaning, and change the water frequently.

Use a neutral pH cleaner designed for VCT floors.

Clean up spills immediately.

Use entrance mats to prevent dust and debris from tracking onto the floor.

Schedule a deep clean and application of floor finish every 6-12 months.


Use abrasive scrubbers or pads, which will damage the floor’s surface.

Use harsh chemicals, including bleach or ammonia.

Apply too much water during cleaning, which may compromise the tiles’ adhesive.

Wax the floor without removing the previous floor finish coat.

Forget to dust mop the floor at least once daily.

By following these tips, you can have a long-lasting, vibrant VCT floor that impresses everyone who walks on it. Remember, routine VCT floor cleaning extends the life of your floor and saves you money in the long term.