Healthy Foods

The Total Health Diet: 3 Main Points


In total health, the whole diet is the most critical aspect. This article will discuss 3 main points that should be included in a completely healthy diet: plant-based, high protein, and low GI. The total healthy diet includes:
A lot of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains for plants.
Lean meats, poultry, and fish for protein.
Carbs from low glycemic index foods to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

The first point is plant-based.

Plants are an essential part of total health because they provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals for energy to keep us healthy and happy! With meat, fish, or poultry, it’s essential to choose leaner cuts so you can get the protein you need without too many calories. To get the most out of your total healthy diet, you should include plant-based foods like whole grains, fruit, and vegetables.

The second point is high protein.

Protein provides energy for our bodies, so it’s essential to understand what protein we eat on a totally healthy diet! Lean meats like chicken, fish, and seafood are excellent sources of total health protein. Protein is essential for strength building, so you should focus on eating healthy proteins to lose weight or build muscle!

The final point is low GI.

GI stands for Glycemic Index. This index shows how quickly the carbohydrates in certain foods are converted into glucose! The total health diet focuses on eating low-glycemic carbs so you can keep your body feeling great all day long while still losing weight and building muscle.

A total healthy lifestyle is achievable if you prepare yourself with a total health diet. You should start with a completely healthy diet and then add exercise to your life to see great results!