Planting Materials

The Smart Pot System: Cleaning, Drying And Caring For Plants


Watering plants is a difficult task. Smart Pots have been designed to make it easier for you, with their self-watering system doing all the work for you. This article will provide 3 main points on Smart Pots and how they can help you with your garden: cleaning, drying, and caring for plants.

1) Cleaning: Smart Pots can be cleaned easily. Smart Pot systems are designed with a perforated bottom that allows you to clean the inside of the pot without taking it apart, which makes the Smart Pot easy and convenient to maintain.

2) Drying: Smart Pots are designed to dry out quickly after watering. Smart Pot systems let water drain from the bottom of each pot, which prevents bacteria and mold growth that would normally occur due to moist roots in a traditional plastic container.

3) Caring for plants: Smart Pots are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle. Smart Pot systems also feature a breathable fabric that makes it easier for plants to get the oxygen they need, especially when transplanting from traditional plastic containers where root suffocation can occur.

Smart Pots make caring for your particular plants easy! Smart Pots are lightweight, breathable, and can be used indoors or out. Smart Pots come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every plant type!