Contact Lenses

The Risks of Wearing Colored Contact Lenses


Have you ever considered buying red eye contacts? Colored contact lenses have become increasingly popular among teenagers and adults who want to alter their appearance. However, there are associated risks.

Firstly, colored contacts are classified as medical devices and require a prescription from a licensed eye care professional. Purchasing them over-the-counter can lead to severe eye infections, including corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis.

Secondly, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only certain brands of colored contacts for safe use. Some cheaply made, unapproved lenses can cause vision loss, allergic reactions, and other serious eye injuries.

Although red eye contacts can create a dramatic look, it can come at a high price. Inappropriately wearing them can often cause permanent damage to your eyes.

To keep your eyes healthy, it’s important to follow proper care instructions. Disposable lenses should be thrown away after each use, and reusable lenses should be cleaned and stored properly. Also, avoid sharing lenses with others, as this can transfer harmful bacteria.

Colored contacts aren’t worth the risk of compromising your vision. Consult with your eye care professional about safely wearing them and ensure that any contacts you use are FDA-approved.