The Power of Great Speakers: Managing a Speaker Bureau


Having expert speakers at a conference, meeting, or event can make all the difference in creating a memorable experience. Speaker bureau management is the process of developing, maintaining, and promoting a roster of great speakers for clients to consider.

Effective speaker bureau management begins with identifying what the client needs and then finding the right speaker to match that need. It involves creating a diverse pool of speakers that covers a broad spectrum of industry knowledge, expertise, personal experience, and presentation style.

Once a client makes a request to book a speaker, it’s the speaker bureau manager’s job to handle negotiations, contracts, and logistics. This includes ensuring that the speaker’s fee, travel arrangements, accommodations, and audiovisual requirements are all taken care of.

Another key aspect of a speaker bureau manager’s role is to ensure both client and speakers are happy. They need to keep clients informed of potential opportunities and speakers engaged with future events.

Finally, a manager is responsible for the promotion of great speakers to help attract new business for the bureau. This could include showcasing speakers on their website, sending out email newsletters, creating marketing materials, and networking with event planners to provide training sessions and speaking opportunities.

Great speaker bureau management is essential to the success of any event. By identifying client needs, building great relationships with speakers, and marketing effectively, speaker bureaus offer a valuable service that can make every event a memorable experience.