The Legacy Of Josh Niland Masterclass


As a distinguished chef that deals with culinary operations that are modern, Josh Niland has specialized mostly in fish. He is also a renowned author of a best-selling fish cookbook. Here’s what to know about Josh Niland Masterclass.

Knowledge About Fish Cooking

Over the years, fish has been cooked with only a few parts, resulting in throwing away most of the fish. This is why Josh Niland took it upon himself to demonstrate using most parts of a fish.

Online Masterclass

The chef has a whole fish masterclass that has ways of using the whole fish ensuring that only the gall bladder, gills, and pyloric caeca are wastes.

Accessing Masterclass Lessons

The whole fish cookbook masterclass is available online for about $97.00 with 18 lessons.


By doing the online masterclasses, the renowned chef has ensured that most fish are not found in the garbage but used to make very interesting meals.