The Importance Of Sewage Ejector Pumps


A sewage ejector pump is an essential sewage system component. These pumps remove sewage from a building’s basement or ground floor and transport it to a treatment plant.

1) Sewage Ejectors play an important role in a building’s plumbing system by removing sewage from buildings that can’t be connected to public sewer lines due to local laws or regulations

2) One way these devices work is by using water pressure generated by the building’s water supply line to force liquids through pipes into the sewer main

3) When installing a new sewage pump or sewage ejector, you need to consider the type of sewage and water pressure in your home.

The sewage that runs into the ejector pump is pressurized by air from an air compressor. This high pressure makes it easy for the sewage to flow up through a pipe and down a sewer line outside the building.