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The Importance Of Legal Medical Chronology


The importance of legal medical chronology can not be overstated. Chronology is the foundation of every criminal and civil case. In order to have a fair trial, the evidence must be accurate and reliable. The accuracy of legal medical chronology is critical in both criminal and civil cases.

Chronology is key when trying to determine the order events took place. Witnesses, victims, defendants, and jurors all need to have a clear understanding of what happened at different points in time in order to make an informed decision. If discrepancies exist between witnesses’ or victims’ testimonies, it can create doubt in jurors’ minds about whether they can trust any of the other testimony.

Legal medical chronology also plays a significant role in criminal trials by providing defense attorneys with the information they need to mount an effective defense.

Legal, medical chronologies are often used in courtrooms to dispute allegations made by the opposing party. They can also be used to support a medical claim made by the patient.