The Importance of a Sports Physio


Injuries are a common occurrence in sports, especially in contact sports like football. That’s why every AFL team has a physiotherapist. Their job is to ensure that the players stay fit and healthy throughout the season.

An AFL physio’s role is not just restricted to treating injuries. They also play a crucial role in preventing injuries. They work with the players, coaches, and other healthcare professionals to create training programs that strengthen the players’ muscles to reduce injury risk.

During a game, the physio is always ready on the sideline, waiting to spring into action if a player gets hurt. They immediately assess the injury and provide on-field first aid as required. They also guide the injured player through the necessary tests to diagnose the extent of the injury.

Once the extent of the injury is known, the physio designs a rehabilitation program for the player. The main aim of the program is to restore the player to their pre-injury form. They work with the player on exercises and stretches that aid recovery.

In addition to all these tasks, an AFL physio is also responsible for the players’ overall well-being. They ensure the players are getting enough rest, nutrition, and hydration to keep them in top physical condition.

In short, an AFL physio is an integral part of any team’s success. They ensure that the players are not just fit but also remain injury-free throughout the season.