The Dangers Of Toxic Managers In The Workplace: How To Protect Yourself


If you have ever had a toxic manager, you know how damaging they can be to your career. Not only do they make your work life miserable, but they can also hurt your productivity and job satisfaction.

What should I know about toxic managers workplace? These managers are those who create a toxic work environment. This can be through their behavior or by tolerating the bad behavior of others. Toxic managers often hurt employee morale and can cause good employees to quit.

What are some signs that I might have this manager?

There are several signs that you might have a toxic manager. If you feel like you’re constantly being micromanaged, are not given enough autonomy to do your job, or feel like your opinions are never valued, these could all be signs that your manager is toxic. Additionally, if you dread going to work or feel anxious about interacting with your manager, these are also red flags.

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