The Best Kept Secrets Of Korean Makeup Artists


Did you know that some of the best makeup artists in the world are from South Korea? Korean makeup artists have a unique approach to beauty that is often considered to be more natural and understated than other styles. Here are three secrets that a Korean makeup artist would use to create stunning looks:

They focus on creating a flawless base.

Korean makeup artists believe that starting with a flawless base is the key to creating a beautiful look. They use high-coverage BB creams, foundation, and concealer to cover up any imperfections and create an even skin tone.

They use subtle contouring to define facial features.

Korean makeup artists don’t believe in using heavy products or overly dramatic contouring. Instead, they prefer to use subtle shading techniques like tapping multiple shades of blush onto the cheeks for a natural flush of color or lightly outlining the eyes with brown eyeliner for definition.

They apply their makeup with light layers.

Korean beauty enthusiasts love their glowy and dewy looks, which means that layering product is essential for achieving this look without appearing heavy or cakey. Korean makeup artists use light layers of products to ensure their look is natural and luminous.

Korean makeup artistry is all about creating a natural look with subtle, soft touches. They focus on light layering of products to ensure the skin appears fresh and glowy. Korean makeup artists use minimal contouring and emphasize highlighting techniques such as strobing for a luminous complexion.