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The Benefits Of Tummy Time For Your Baby


Getting your baby to start doing tummy time can be hard, but it is vital for their development! Here are three reasons why you should ensure your baby spends time on their stomach daily.

It helps strengthen your baby’s neck and back muscles.
By spending time on their stomach, your baby is learning how to hold their head up and use the muscles in their back and neck. Tummy time also helps them learn how to roll over so they can eventually crawl.

It develops critical sensory skills.

When your baby is lying on their tummy, they can explore the world around them with their eyes and hands. This helps them build cognitive and motor skills by discovering new textures, shapes, and colors.

It reduces the risk of developing a flat spot on the back of the head (positional plagiocephaly). Spending too much time lying down in one position can lead to the flattening of the skull bones due to pressure from gravity. Doing tum my time can help reduce this risk.

It helps them learn how to move their arms and legs. When they are on their tummies, babies need to lift their heads in order to see what’s around them. This builds strength in the neck and shoulder muscles which are essential for crawling, reaching, and walking.