Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Basics Of An Agile Lean Business Case


One of the most important aspects of agile project management is the agile, lean business case. This process provides transparency to stakeholders, and it enables an agile team to understand what they are building for their customers. This article will cover some basics about agile lean business case, including how they work and why they are so valuable!

How does it work?

– It begins with writing customer stories, which provide the basis for all development efforts – both software and non-software related ones. In addition, these stories also serve as documentation about why certain features need to be built in the first place, along with acceptance criteria that must be met before moving forward from one stage/iteration into another (e.g., testing). A Product Owner typically writes these on behalf of users or customers within the organization; however, there may also be multiple people who contribute.
Projects tend to integrate the team members into roles that are more “cross-functional” in nature. Instead of having people who sit within one particular area (e.g., development), they often work as a group on different tasks depending on where their skills and knowledge can be applied at any given time throughout an agile project’s lifecycle.
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