Teamwork Is The Key To Escape Room Multiplayer


Teamwork is the key to online escape room multiplayer. The escape room multiplayer industry is booming, and it’s no surprise that more and more companies are looking for ways to cash in on this trend. The challenge for these companies is coming up with a way to make online Escape-Rooms different from their offline counterparts. One of the best ways to do this is fostering teamwork, which we’ll explore in detail below!

What should I know about this?

Overcoming Communication Barriers When you think about online multiplayer, what comes to mind? Odds are its people sitting in front of their screens yelling at each other. It seems like a far cry from the teamwork online escape rooms usually aim for! But this is quickly becoming the norm as more and more companies start offering online Escape-Rooms. The key here is to provide players with an environment where they feel comfortable communicating clearly. This means providing them with some chat system that won’t lose messages or connections between participants and having rules that help facilitate good team communication (more on those later).
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