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Synthetic Stucco Siding: Information You Need To Know


When synthetic Stucco Siding is more expensive than synthetic Fiber Cement, synthetic Cement has a higher risk of moisture damage than Stucco does not; which would you choose?

What should I know about this?

Some people may be wondering why cement siding costs more. The answer to this question is that Cement has an increased risk of water damage because it absorbs water much more accessible than other types of siding such as Stucco. Another reason for the increase in cost is how long it takes to install installed on your home. With synthetics, installation can take up to four days, whereas installation can take just 24 hours with other types of siding. Stucco has many benefits that are not offered by fiber cement or different types of synthetic siding. Synthetics have a smooth finish with no rough edges to tear up your clothing while you’re working on the home’s exterior. Synthetics do not require extra caulking because they are watertight. This means there is little chance for leaks, so moisture damage will be less likely than concrete, which absorbs more water than wood, vinyl Stucco, etc.

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