Smart Tips on How You Can Add Value to Your Service and Product


Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, but it is also demanding. As a growing entrepreneur, you need to be on top of your business every day to ensure it runs efficiently. All the areas of a small business are essential. However, if you wish to profit from your business, your services or product need to have a ‘wow factor.’ This is because it is the main reason why your business exists in the first place

Many sellers in the market deal in the same product or services as you do. Therefore to stand out, you need to add value to them. That way, customers will feel more inclined to get your product rather than your competitors’. Here are some tips on how to achieve this

1.Bundle and package your product desirably

This strategy doesn’t only refer to the physical appearance that your product has. It also includes your creative ability when putting together a package or bundle that will appeal to a broader client base. For instance, if your business deals with natural hair care, putting together bundles of hair masques, shampoos, and conditioners that increase hair volume will appeal to ladies who have natural hair. Apart from bundling, the packaging that you use for your products plays a vital role in the number of sales that you make.

Regardless of how good your product is, unattractive or plain packaging will be detrimental. For instance, colored price stickers with clear writing will capture a customer’s attention more than a plain sticker with faintly printed prices. Using high-quality packaging with great aesthetics will generally appeal to your target audience more, thus increasing your profit margins.

2.Offer different service levels

You can add value to your service or product by offering different levels of service to your client. You could base these levels on different purchase sizes, their frequency, or the costs of their purchases. It will add more value than only having a higher level of service than the standard service that your business offers. For example, you could have silver, gold, and platinum levels for your customers, which they are willing to pay for and receive once they are in business with you.

3.Offer speedy services or delivery

One factor that many entrepreneurs ignore is offering speedy services to their clients. Often when you look at reviews, clients will complain about slow service and delayed deliveries. Many businesses are guilty of this and if you want to have a competitive edge, always pay attention to this component. Deliver your product on time. If your business is service-based, always ensure that you provide your services within the said time and stick to the appointment schedules.

It would be best if you applied these tips to your daily sales activities. All you need is innovation, the determination to be the best in your field, and creativity. Choosing to use new strategies to add value will take your business to the next level and increase your profit margins,

Ieva Ofer
the authorIeva Ofer