Scrum Master Training: What Is It, Who Should Do It And Why?


Scrum is a Scaled Agile Framework for managing complex product development. Scrum Masters are the people who have been trained to facilitate Scrum meetings, coach Scrum teams, and mentor Scrum projects. This article will answer three basic questions about Scrum Master Training!

1) What is Scrum Master Certification Training?
Scrum Master Certification Training is Scrum training that Scrum Masters must have to become certified. Scrum Master certification ensures that Scrum Masters are appropriately trained for effective coaching and mentoring of Scrums teams.

2) Who Should Get Certified As A Scrum Master?
Scrum Master certification is recommended for Scrum team members who are responsible for managing Scrums teams. Scrum Masters have a crucial role in leading and directing Scrums meetings, ensuring clear direction from the Scrum Team’s management, and helping resolve issues that may be blocking the progress of a project or slowing down productivity.

3) Why Should You Get Certifed As A Scrum Master?
By becoming Scrum Master certified, Scrum team managers will gain access to Scrums resources from, which includes over 200 online training videos as well as free downloadable guides and reference materials that cover all aspects of Scrum, including agile principles, product development with Agile methods, and the role of a Scrum Master.

Scrum Master certification is becoming the industry standard for Scrum team managers and leaders. Becoming Scrum master certified will allow you to increase your knowledge, skillset, as well as provide you with access to Scrum’s resources.