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School Construction: 3 Important Points And Why They Matter


School Construction is a very important topic for school districts. School construction can have an impact on the educational environment, student safety, and student achievement. School districts are looking to reduce the number of major repairs that need to be done in aging schools by building new facilities or renovating existing ones. School construction should include 3 main points:

1) Safety – School buildings must be safe for students and staff so they can focus on their education instead of worrying about being hurt at school.

2) Educational Environment – The physical space where learning takes place has a huge impact on how well people learn things like math, reading, science, etc.

3) Cost-Benefit Analysis – School districts will want to make sure that the money they spend on a project is going to be worth it in terms of student achievement.

In conclusion, School construction should include at least three important points: safety, educational environment, and cost-benefit analysis. School districts can use these main factors when deciding whether or not building new facilities will help students learn more effectively than renovations would.