Revitalize Your Pool with a Durable Makeover


Your fibreglass pool needs a facelift? Fibreglass pool resurfacing may be the solution. It maximizes pool lifespan. A coating applied to the pool makes it look brand new, extending its longevity.

Fibreglass pool resurfacing protects the pool from damage because it is impervious to chemicals and weathering. After cleaning the pool’s surface, a gel coat is applied to its surface. Adding a new colour to your pool is also an option.

The process makes your pool slip-resistant, as well, providing a safe swimming environment for kids and seniors. Not only is the gel coat easy to maintain, it complements your yard’s aesthetic.

Fibreglass pool resurfacing is a cost-effective process. The average lifespan of a gel coat is 15-20 years, that’s about double the time you’d get out of a standard plaster or concrete pool.

Lastly, the resistance to chemicals inherent in a fibreglass pool reduces the likelihood that you will need to repair or replace pool equipment. This can ultimately save you money in maintenance fees.

Investing in fibreglass pool resurfacing will increase your pool’s durability and transform it for years to come.