Rehumanizing Men Of Color: Three Reasons Why


The Rehumanizing Men of Color (RMC) project is a nonprofit organization that seeks to challenge the dominant narrative about Black and Brown men in America. Too often, people believe that these men are violent, misogynistic, and otherwise incapable of being productive members of society. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This article will discuss three reasons why Rehumanizing Men of Color is so important for everyone in our country.

1) It challenges racist narratives about black and brown men
2) It shows that there are many different types of masculinity
3) It helps others see these individuals as human beings who have been dehumanized and stigmatized due to the color of their skin.

Rehumanizing Men of Color is the process of recognizing the humanity in people who are dehumanized by society. It is necessary because there are so many negative stereotypes about black men, which lead to discrimination and violence against them. It is important because it can help stop the cycle of violence that has plagued communities for decades, if not centuries.