Pro-Gun Control Laws In Colorado: What You Need To Know


In the wake of recent mass shootings across the United States, many states have been spurred into action to create new gun control laws. Colorado is one of these states and has recently enacted several new measures to make it safer for its citizens. If you’re a resident or just interested in what’s going on with gun control in your state, then read on for more information about the new pro-gun control laws in Colorado.

One of the new gun control laws in Colorado that have been enacted is a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. This means that any magazine that can hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition is now illegal. The state legislature believes that this will help reduce the number of casualties in mass shootings, as attackers will not be able to fire as many rounds before being subdued.

Another new law requires background checks for all gun sales, including private transactions. This is intended to make it more difficult for people with a history of violence or mental illness to obtain firearms. There are exceptions for family members and some other situations, but in general, all gun sales must now go through a licensed dealer who will run a background check.

Finally, Colorado has enacted a “red flag” law, which allows family members or law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily remove firearms from someone deemed a danger to themselves or others. This is similar to laws that have been passed in other states in recent years, and it is intended to help prevent mass shootings.

These new laws will be controversial, but they represent a significant change in the state’s approach to gun control. It will be interesting to see how they are implemented and whether or not they have an impact on gun violence in Colorado.