Polymeric Sand: The Perfect Solution for Your Paver Joints


Having that perfect outdoor space requires upkeep and maintenance, especially when it comes to your patio, walkways or driveways. Canada’s harsh winters and hot summers can cause paver joints to shift and crack, leaving your outdoor environment unsightly and possibly unsafe. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: Polymeric Sand Canada.

Polymeric sand is made up of a unique mixture of fine sand and polymer additives, designed to harden upon contact with water. When properly installed, the polymeric sand infuses into the paver joints, creating a flexible, yet firm bond. The flexibility allows for paver expansion and contraction during fluctuations in temperature, while the firm bond provides long-lasting stability.

One of the biggest benefits of polymeric sand is its resistance to erosion caused by rain, wind, and frost heave. Traditional sand, on the other hand, is susceptible to erosion, which can cause the pavers to shift and become unlevel. Polymeric sand stays in place, ensuring your pavers remain level and safe.

Another advantage is the reduction of weeds that can grow between paver joints. As the polymeric sand hardens, it creates a barrier that blocks out weeds. This saves you time and money on weed control and keeps your outdoor space looking clean and well-manicured.

Finally, polymeric sand is eco-friendly. It is made from natural materials, making it safe for the environment. Additionally, because it lasts longer than traditional sand, you will not need to reapply it as often, reducing your carbon footprint.

Polymeric Sand Canada is the perfect solution for any outdoor space.