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Physio Baulkham hills Treatments and Services


Physio Baulkham hills have a full slate of qualified physios to look after your injuries and healthcare needs from ankle sprains to torn ligaments to problems with posture. The physiotherapists will use their expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you through the process. Most importantly, they will get you back on track to help relieve the stress of everyday life and get fit.

Some of the treatments offered include massage, hydrotherapy, traction, and massage therapy, exercise regimes, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapies. Depending on the need and severity of your injury, the physio will tailor a program to you, which will include exercise, diet, and medication, or advise you on the best way forward.

You should only feel comfortable coming to the hospital if you feel 100% comfortable about the health of your condition, and the physio should explain to you what you can expect from the first meeting up until they have you feeling back to full strength.