Pasco County Jail: Bail Bonds


Pasco county jail bail bonds: Pasco County Jail houses inmates awaiting trial or sentencing and those sentenced to one year or less. The sheriff’s office offers bail bonds to anyone arrested within the county. These can be used for anything from traffic citations to murder charges.
– This jail offers various services, including medical care, phone calls with family members or friends outside (using collect or credit card), and information about visitation hours/days.
– The process is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes. There are two main steps: First, the arrested person must call to speak with an officer about their charges and ask for the bail bonds; next, they will be transferred from the local police station or sheriff’s office to the Pasco jail to be booked.
– For a person to post bail, they must have identification and the appropriate paperwork from the officer who arrested them and payment in full (cash or credit card). The amount of money required will depend on what type of crime was committed.
This Jail is located in Dade City, Florida, and holds up to 1,800 inmates.