Paint Protection Film In Automatic Car Washes


Paint protection film automatic car wash is a paint-saving solution that can be installed by car wash personnel or applied to the vehicle by the driver before entering an automatic car wash. The film typically consists of two sheets of thin, durable plastic with adhesive on one side. The paint film is installed in the paintwork before it enters the high-pressure washing area and then peeled off after exiting this area.

Why is this important?

This film is not only an effective paint saver; it can also provide extra benefits in certain situations. It can be installed to protect the paintwork when driving through areas requiring frequent windshield wipers, like toll booths or automatic car washes with no protective shields on the wiper blades. Installing paint protection film eliminates this problem and allows for more efficient use of windscreen wipers during rainfall. Another benefit may include decreased risk of damage to rear-mounted brake lights if one drives through brush or tall grasses along roadsides with higher than average traffic flow speeds at night, which sometimes results in drivers’ headlights temporarily blinding them. At the same time, they try changing lanes back into their lane.
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