Overweight? No Problem: Transporting Your Personal Mobility Device


Are you concerned about your personal mobility device being too heavy to transport? Don’t worry. There are overweight transportation services available to assist you.

These services specialize in providing safe and easy transportation for heavy power wheelchairs and scooters. They use specially designed vehicles and equipment to ensure your device is transported securely and without damage.

It’s important to note that overweight transportation services may cost more than traditional transportation services, but it’s worth it to ensure the safety of your expensive device.

Additionally, some airlines and public transportation systems have weight restrictions, so it’s essential to plan ahead and arrange for overweight transportation services if necessary. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your mobility.

Don’t let concerns about transportation stop you from enjoying your independence and mobility. Seek out overweight transportation services in your area to ensure safe and hassle-free transportation of your personal mobility device. With these services, you can travel with peace of mind and confidence.