Mystery Snack Box: A Unique Take On The School Lunch?


Suppose you’re looking for a new and exciting way to make lunchtime more interesting. In that case, Mystery Snack Box might be the perfect solution. This box idea might come from the feeling a kid had when opening their lunchbox at school, not knowing what their parents put in there.

Mystery Snack Box is an innovative idea that provides customers with healthy snacks each month in an adorable box. The customer won’t know the type of snack they are receiving each month unless they opened. So, the snack you get this month probably won’t come in next month’s box.

Customers can choose from 3 different options:

– Tier 1 (around $5/month) includes 5-6 snacks

– Tier 2 (around $10/month) includes 10-12 snacks

– Tier 3 (around $25/month) includes 20+ snacks

Make sure you choose the amount you’ll be having each month so the snacks do not get spoiled and you don’t end up expending more money than you have to. Still, you can gift away any snack you don’t eat.

Are you prepare to be surprised by a monthly snack box? If the answer is yes, check online for companies offering mystery food boxes near you.