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Modern Wedding Photos: 3 Modern Techniques


The wedding season is quickly approaching, and many modern couples are looking for stylish wedding photos. The modern age has brought on a new style of photography that was not as popular in the past. This article will cover 3 modern techniques that you can use to capture your modern-day love story!

1) Documentary Style: Photography focuses on capturing moments during the day rather than staging poses or scenes. It’s an easy way to show off your personality with candid shots of you just being yourself!

2) Modern Portraits: These portraits should be posed but still have clean lines and simple backgrounds. You can even incorporate modern props into these portraits if relevant to the couple, such as technology or musical instruments!

3) Minimal Photography: Minimal photography is modern by nature but can also take on many other styles. It primarily focuses on clean lines and simple colors to capture the mood of the moment rather than creating a specific scene or portrait.

In conclusion, modern wedding photos are all about contemporary styles, stylish props, and clean lines.