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Mining Schedules: 3 Ways To Achieve A Level Playing Field


Mining schedules are important to mining companies. They ensure that mining operations run smoothly and efficiently, which in turn allows the company to produce more products at a lower cost. Mining schedules cover everything from when employees should be working to how long they can take for lunch breaks or what time they should start their shift. This article will explore 3 ways mining schedules can help mining companies achieve a level playing field with the demands of mining operations.

1) Standardized work hours – standardizing work hours makes it easier for supervisors to keep track of who is on break or has clocked out early because they know when shifts end.

2) Consistent starting/closing times – consistent starting and closing times make it possible for businesses like mining companies to schedule more time for mining activities as well as having a consistent pay scale.

3) Consistent breaks – mining companies can ensure employees are taking their scheduled breaks by using a time clock and/or requiring workers to swipe in and out for break times.

In conclusion, mining companies should use mining schedules to ensure everyone is on the same page while working towards a common goal.